Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure is a planned network of high quality green spaces and other environmental features. It is designed and managed as a multifunctional resource delivering ecological services and quality of life benefits for the communities it serves.

Urbanisation is increasing globally with over 50% of the worlds population living in towns or cities, over 75% in the EU and 63% in Ireland. How our towns cities adapt to environmental pressures, including climate change, is a critical challenge of our age. Sustainable or green urbanism offers a way to decouple growth from environmental degradation and resource depletion. City planners worldwide see that green infrastructure can play an vital role in this.

In the inner city environment, parks, open spaces, green roofs and walls, rain gardens, swales, planted landscaping, gardens and allotments are among the components of green infrastructure. Benefits include water and air purification, stormwater management, urban cooling, improved biodiversity, as well as the obvious recreational and visual benefits of parks and greenery.